Vibrating panty care guide

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Vibrating panty is a fascinating sex toy. You can enjoy it on your own but it’s more amazing to savor the fun with your partner. However, akin to most of the adult toys, vibrating panties are delicate toys and require proper maintenance. If not cared properly, they run the risk of getting ruined and infected. And nothing is more dangerous than using an infected sex toy.

Have you too got a vibrating panty for yourself? That’s great, you must be planning all the naughty games that you will play with your partner with the vibrating panty. But, then, you should also learn to take proper care of the vibrating panty for a safe and effective use. The post below offers a guide on how to take care of your vibrating panty and vibrator toys in general.

Tips on cleaning

Cleaning a vibrator panty or any vibrator toy is an easy deal. You would just have to remember what you can use and what you cannot to clean the toy.

In regards to vibrator panty, you should wash the vibrator and the panty separately. Do not put the vibrator back inside the panty unless the fabric has dried up completely. Also, before you take the vibrator out for cleaning, don’t forget to take out the batteries.

Now, what cleaning agents are compatible with a vibrator toy? You can use just a mild detergent or soap here. If your toy is water-resistant, you can wash it in a mixture of warm soapy water. Just make sure it’s disconnected from any battery or wire while washing. If your toy is not exactly water-resistant, you may use adult toy cleaners that are especially made for cleaning adult toys.

Things that you can’t use

There is a list of things that you can’t use while cleaning your sex toy:

Antibacterial wipes or soaps

Antibacterial wipes or soaps tend to leave residues on the products where they are used. Remember, you will be using the vibrator on your vagina and any kind of antibacterial remnant could be dangerous for vagina. It would ruin the natural pH level of vagina and even kill the good bacteria around it.

Using in dishwasher

This is a strict “No”. It will destroy the motor. Don’t forget the vibrator contains motor  and it’s the motor that creates the buzz. Without the motor, the vibrator is nothing more than a dildo.

Boiling it

Once again, you must not ever boil the vibrator while cleaning it. Some sex toys like dildos could be cleaned in boiling water. But it’s because a dildo doesn’t come with a motor or machine. A vibrator does and hence you can’t submerge it in water, be it hot or cold.

Microwave it

If you have used microwave you know the oven is not compatible with metal. The motor in your vibrator contains metal which means it’s a strict “No”.

Beware of incompatible cleaning agents

  • Acetone
  • Alcohol
  • Alakaline/acidic cleaners
  • Petroleum

You have to clean the toy before and after every use. This is a must. Don’t skip on this routine.

Tips on storage

Next to cleaning, proper storage is extremely important to keep your vibrating panty or vibrator safe and operational.

Dry it properly

After you clean and wash your toy, make sure to dry it properly. But, don’t put it under the sun or use hair dryer to dry it. Just put in under normal fun and let it air dry. Before you take it in for storage, make sure there is no trace of moisture on the toy.

Store the toy in clean place

You can’t just throw away your vibrating panty on your nightstand. You have to store it in an enclosed and clean place. It would be best to get a dedicated clean corner for your sex toys. These toys are used in the most delicate parts of the body. If they catch up germs or get contaminated you can gauge the horror you will face after using them. A good idea would be to have separate clean pouch for your toys. But, there must be individual pouches for each toy. This is extremely important. Your sex toys should not come in contact with each other.

Then, the pouch itself should be clean and germ-free. Try to use a pouch that won’t leave you with too much of dresser lint. The best toys come with their own safe pouches especially made for the toys. Try to look for a vibrating panty that comes with its own pouch.

Clean before storage

Once again, you must clean your vibrating panty thoroughly before you store it inside your toy pouch. Make sure the pouch is clean too. Shake the pouch before you place your toy inside. You never know, there could be spider inside when you unmindfully kept the pouch open.

Take out the battery

Don’t put the vibrator panty in the pouch with batteries inside. You should always take out the batteries and store them separately. Besides, check up on the expiry date of the battery. Make sure to replace them on time.

Normal room temperature

The temperature of the place where you will store the toy plays a big role in ensuring its lasting durability and safe usage. You have to find a cool and dry place to store it. Don’t store it anywhere that is prone to moisture as it might lead to mold and mildew growth on the toy over the course of time.

Optimize battery life

Always make sure to remove charger from your toy after it gets fully charged. Do not leave the toy in completed depleted state, say, for more than 7 days.

Never share

Do not ever share your vibrating panty with anyone else, even with your partner (if you are a lesbian couple).

So, you have quite an exhaustive list of tips here. Don’t forget your safety and also that of your partner’s is in your hands, especially when it comes to sex toys. So, follow these tips diligently and enjoy endless naughty adventures with your vibrating panty.

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