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Arlene Meyer
Organic Farmer

Arlene has been doing organic farming since she was 15. She hopes that we all go back in time where everything organic farming is the standard. She has been our number one source of information when it comes to real organic farming.

Charm Lyons

Charm makes sure that we provide you the facts of organic food down to the last macro. She thinks that we must start growing our own food. This way, we know exactly what goes into our plates, and your stomach.

Rico Bloom
Family Doctor

This website is loved by many of our readers because of the high-quality articles that Dr. Bloom shares with us. He cannot emphasize enough how chemicals alter our body composition and the easiest way to get these into our body is by not eating organically farmed food.

Jam Singh

Jam put together everyone’s brilliant ideas. She is responsible for making the website’s content easy to understand for everyone. Make sure to follow us as she also posts delicious recipes bi-weekly.

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