Vibrating panty care guide

Vibrating panty is a fascinating sex toy. You can enjoy it on your own but it’s more amazing to savor the fun with your partner. However, akin to most of the adult toys, vibrating panties are delicate toys and require proper maintenance. If not cared properly, they run the risk of getting ruined and infected. And nothing is more dangerous than using an infected sex toy.

Have you too got a vibrating panty for yourself? That’s great, you must be planning all the naughty games that you will play with your partner with the vibrating panty. But, then, you should also learn to take proper care of the vibrating panty for a safe and effective use. The post below offers a guide on how to take care of your vibrating panty and vibrator toys in general.

Tips on cleaning

Cleaning a vibrator panty or any vibrator toy is an easy …

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