One thing we all have in common is the want for clear and beautiful skin.

Can you get rid of oily skin?


I’ve suffered with oily skin since puberty and have tried countless products and diets in my bid to rid myself of the hourly trip to the nearest mirror with a tissue in hand to wipe the excess oil away.

Having spent to the best part of 5 years hating my skin and hiding it under makeup, not to mention the different spot and acne treatments I’ve used to reduce the oiliness and spottiness of my skin I realised that there was no quick fix that would rid me of my skin type, just that I would need to find a long term solution to managing it.

If this sounds like you keep reading as I will share with you a few tales of the good and bad things that I have done myself that have either made matters worse or been surprisingly good for me skin and that now actually have given me to courage to go completely makeup free this January.

Aged 19 when my casual teenage spots deteriorated into full blown acne, I picked at every spot and given that they were coming in thick and fast I picked a lot!  My skin scars badly, at a colour much darker than my usual complexion which really stands out.  Before I knew it I had so many scars on my face that I turned to makeup to cover them up.

Mistake 1: Do not pick your spots if you can help it.  I’m a compulsive spot picker and have had to really discipline myself to just leave spots alone as I don’t want to suffer through the near on 12 weeks it takes for my scars to diminish.

Also don’t then exacerbate the situation by covering your already exposed skin with makeup, especially if the makeup concerned isn’t non-comedogenic (meaning it will clog your pores).

At that point I was so afraid for anyone to see the state of my skin I spent the next 5 year wearing makeup every day without fail unless I was staying in, even putting makeup on when having people round at mine.  Your skin really needs time to breathe and repair and a few make up free days per week will really help to improve the condition of your skin.

Mistake 2: Not giving your skin a break.  It’s so hard to do when you don’t love how your skin looks but the cycle of bad skin will continue if you don’t.  Try not to wear any at the weekend or perhaps one or two quiet days during the week.  Your skin will thank you for it by looking a lot healthier.

During the 5 years of makeup all day every day, I tried countless products to improve on the condition of my skin. All in all I think I spent well over £5,000 on skin care products in my yearning for clear skin.  I’ve used popular regimes endorsed by celebrities, products recommended by dermatologists, prescription strength as well as trying microdermabrasion and other facials.

After all of the above, guess what? I still had oily skin.  My scars had improved and the rate of breakouts was lower but that hourly check in the mirror to wipe down my face was still present in my life.  When taking pictures the light from the flash still reflected from my forehead (one of the main reasons I don’t like taking pictures) like a ray of sunshine.

At this point I hadn’t really addressed the dietary causes of my oily skin.  My addiction to sugar and junk food probably didn’t help the situation.  This was something I had to address and soon as the cycle of my spottiness and oiliness would never end if I continued eating the diet I was eating at that time.

Mistake 3: Eating an unhealthy diet.  Whilst most acne and oily skin can be attributed to hormonal imbalance, there is a lot to the said about the effect that our diet can have on the condition of our skin (amongst other things).  Drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit and veg a part of our daily diet can do so much more for our skin than any skincare products could ever hope to.

So where am I now with my skin?  Well I have my bad days where I might not like the way my skin looks but I must say the way I view myself has vastly improved from what it used to be.  I keep my skin care regimen simple and try not to wear too much makeup, allowing my skin to breathe.

Lesson 1: How you feel about the way you look is often a result of internal factors rather than external ones.  When I’m feeling happier as a person I tend to be more satisfied with my outer appearance on any given day.  This has taught me that it’s not about me having the perfect complexion more so it’s about me having a level of self-confidence which allows me to be myself without being too concerned about how I look.

I tend to keep my skincare regimen simple and adapt it when necessary (should the weather change or during hormonal changes) using the Yours Truly Organics skincare range to control my oiliness and to prevent bacterial breakouts.  It’s refreshing to know that I can keep my skin looking good using healthy products and a simple regimen which doesn’t take ages to apply in the morning before work.

Lesson 2: Keeping your skincare regimen is simple is key.  Not only does it reduce time during application but it’s worthwhile to keep things simple so you can monitor how well a particular product is working for your skin.  When using too many products it can be difficult to determine how each is working for your skin.

In answer to the question can you get rid of oily skin?  In my experience the answer is no but it can be managed effectively using the right skincare products and by eating a healthy balanced diet.


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